I'm grateful to have found a haven of safety and a place to give birth. Said Hamda (not her real name) is currently residing at the WAAPO Safe House.

Amal, 24*, I’ve been working with WAAPO as a Social Worker. I enjoy working with the women & children in the Safe House and I offered care and support vie case management. Thanks to UNICEF, I've improved my skills and gained confidence.

We are delighted to host representatives from the Swiss embassy and SDC mission in our Safe House.

We're thrilled to host a picnic lunch at Safehouse. Mr. Brendan Ross, chief of CP UNICEF Somalia/Somaliland, UNICEF staff and project beneficiaries, were present.

Upshift youth members' prototype award events: - Unleashing young people's creativity and ingenuity.

The C-care program has had a substantial impact. Trained CDLs publicly condemn and speak out against all types of FGM/C. They organized nearly 320 public engagements to challenge all types of THP.

We are delighted to have been awarded a COIN-Fund Somaliland Project by GIZ. The project's goal is to prevent female genital mutilation among young girls in Somaliland.

Empowering Somaliland Women

We perform prevention, protection and response projects areas around capacity development, emergence support, family strengthening, advocacy, shelter and community development through social mobilization, education and community empowerment workshops, community outreach programs, building community-based structure mechanism system, strategic advocacy and government partnership.

What We Do



Gender-Based violence prevention and response, Child protection, Community-based protection Intervention, Safe house services

Human Right and Gender equality

Human Right and Gender equality

Economic empowerment, Education empowerment and political participation empowerment.

Youth innovation and livelihood

Youth innovation and livelihood

Life Skills Program, Intensive Business Training and mentoring, Seed funding for startups

Emergence Response

Emergence Response

Covid-19 responses, Drought responses and recovery


Children on the move

Is to strengthen referral system for the survivor of GBV and child protection and to provide multi-sectoral response service incl. Safety, PSS, legal and medical.

Interventions are include
  • Safe house operations in Hargais
  • Burco and Borama
  • CP-Desk for PSS and Case management support in Gabiay
  • Hargaisa
  • Baligubadle
  • Abdaal and WGSs in Wajaale
  • Case management service through referral pathways.

Community Care Project

is to create health safer and more peaceful community for women and girls by working with communities to improve access and support for survivors of GBV and other harmful social and traditional norms ( FGM/C ) that promote positive social norms, dignity and equality and non-violence

Interventions are include
  • Selection of the Community Discussion Leaders (CDLs)
  • Training of the CDL in 14-Days
  • Community survey in Three-Location
  • Series-Community Discussions in each community
  • Community Action Plan Implementation Program
  • Community declaration
  • Community Care End-Line Survey
  • FGM Program intervention in 3-districts Incl.Borama
  • Gabilay and Burco.

Upshift Project

The UPSHIFT innovative Livelihood program to provide income opportunity for GBV female survivors for their own economic development of social enterprise and economic empowerment.

Interventions are include
  • Selection of the Upshift Beneficiary
  • Social Innovation Bootcamp For Upshift beneficiary
  • Social venture and social entrepreurship workshop
  • Provide Seed funding
  • start-up grant and mentoring
  • Business Mentorship training and incubation.

Provision of SGBV Program for asylum seekers, refugees and returnees.

POCs (Refugee & asylum seekers) enjoy their rights and have access to strengthened national frameworks in line with relevant international standards. / IA1: Protect

Interventions are include
  • Provision of multi-sectoral response service for the survivors of GBV incl. Safe house support
  • Operating the SGBV One-stop centre in Berbera reception-centre to access PSS
  • referrals
  • medical
  • legal and material assistance
  • Awareness-raising and education in addressing various root causes such as gender inequality
  • discrimination and GBV
  • Create community dialogues around social norms and harmful practices for refugees and asylum seekers.

Protection and support for women and girls in Somaliland P190030.

Protect Somaliland's women and young girls against violence, abuse, and exploitation during the emerging sitting crisis.

Interventions are include
  • Emergence responses for women and girls in eastern Somaliland regions
  • Protection risk prevention and mitigation for victims of abuse and PSEA
  • Case management support during the emergence sitting situation
  • Awareness creation and among female university student
  • schools and community at large
  • Covid-19 responses services.
Caritas Swiss

Safe House for vulnerable British nationals in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

Access to safe house services and enhancement of their safety, security, dignity (hygiene supplies and material assistance) and health wellbeing for British and Swedish citizens of Somaliland.

Interventions are include
  • Family mediation and dispute resolution Mediation for the family conflicts
  • Provided safe house – secure accommodation for Somaliland Diaspora British and Swedish Citizens
  • Referral service and case management support
  • Legal and medical support through referral and case management.
British Embassy & Swedish Embassy

Community-based protection. ( Outreach program and cash based-intervention)

Strengthening community-based protection approach and facilitate GBV and child protection prevention and responses - increase service delivery, case managements and referral pathway

Interventions are include
  • Forming mobile units team with protection ( GBV & CP)
  • Carry out home visits to deliver remote PSS support
  • PSS first aid
  • MHSS needs
  • Conduct vulnerability home visit assessment campaign
  • Provide sever cases for an emergence cash & referral assistance
  • care and support identified throughout the home visit.



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